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    Hey Bruno,

    We were unable to contact you during phase I, so here is the latest. Hopefully you support term limits, if not please advise. We are now into phase II, see below and please download agreement from website:

    Dear Candidates,

    Now it is time to sign the MOE Congressional Term Limit Agreement. Please sign the attached agreement and email back keeping a copy for yourself. Thank you again for being a supporter of term limits. You should be able to use the signing of this agreement in the primaries to your benefit especially if your Republican opponent has not signed up. In the general election your Democrat opponent should be placed at a disadvantage because people in both parties have grown tired of career politicians. Your name will be added to the website,, under: Signed Contract. Good luck Bruno!


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    Thanks Bruno for the work you are doing. We hope things turn out for you this election season. We support you.
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    For whatever reason, I am receiving auto-generated messages from this campaign. Specifically, “I wish you a Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy this special day. – Commissioner Bruno Barreiro.” This message, from someone I have never met, would be just as unwelcome and intrusive had you gotten my birthday right (you are off by over 6 months). Whatever person came up with the idea to send these messages as a way to drive interest in this campaign is a moron. I am now well aware of it, but will not vote for Mr. Barriero in the primary election or the general election should he make it that far.
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    Our team supports Barreiro! Keep up the great work!
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    I leave a condominium and I need your help.
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    Bruno please reach out to me when you get a chance.
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    Bruno please reach out to me when you get a chance.
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    I seek a 15 minute appointment to share a concern with whih President Trump agrees.


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